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Luxury Russian Weft 24” Double drawn

Luxury Russian Weft 24” Double drawn

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Introducing the innovative Luxury Weft, a definitive solution to fulfill your Weft-related desires.

The most recent advancement in Weft technology seamlessly merges the subtlety of a hand-tied Weft with the durability inherent in a machine-stitched Weft.

The Jaydior Luxury Weft boasts the following attributes: – An exceptionally slender and pliable hem, measuring under 1 millimeter in thickness. – No fringe whatsoever, which means there are no shorter hairs at the connection – keeping it smooth and seamless. – The hem is entirely customizable, so you can cut and trim it to your preferred size without worrying about fraying or the Weft falling apart.

In each package, you’ll find a single 70cm piece, 24” in length of our signature 100% Russian Remy Hair, boasting a substantial 50-gram weight – a testament to Jaydior’s commitment to exceptional quality.

How long does our hair last for? Our top-tier Russian hair typically stays beautiful for around 9-12 months, retaining its soft, silky texture when cared for with our recommended products.

If you prefer our darker shades, you can enjoy their longevity for up to an impressive 24 months.

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